Plastic Brush Installation Unit

UEK3 is a series of plastic installation units. Both round and square designs are available. A concealed brush cable outlet is a special feature: it protects the installation area from dirt and looks great.

Cable outlets require both form and function, making a concealed brush a valuable contribution. It conceals the cable opening and looks stylish. Moreover, it protects the interior of the unit from outside impurities. The outlet itself is flush with the floor, pivotable and closes the cable opening when not in use.

Several optimisations in detail make the UEK3 your preferred choice. The claw set for universal attachment has been improved and offers even more stability. The locking ladders can be retrofitted and vary in height, and the recess in the cover can now accommodate floor coverings up to a thickness of 10 mm - in addition, floor fixture in the cover can be varied at 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm deep.

The patented opening lever mechanism ensures easy opening and closing of the folding lid. In our product family, the lever itself acts as an optical clamp.

Stylish protection against contamination

Improvements in detail

Consistent design

Further details and technical information on the plug connector systems are available at.

UEK3 R (Installation unit- Folding lid 3 ways, round)

UEK3 V (Installation unit- Folding lid 3 ways, square)

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